Savannah, GA Historic District North Wood Laser Map - Handcrafted Wood Map - Housewarming Gift
Savannah, GA Historic District North Wood Laser Map - Handcrafted Wood Map - Housewarming Gift from $125.00
Handcrafted 3-Layer Wood Laser Map - Savannah, GA Historic District North Elevate your space with the mesmerizing beauty of our meticulously handcrafted 3-layer wood map, capturing the essence of Savannah's Historic District North in an enchanting work of art. This unique map showcases the historic charm of the district with intricate details and premium craftsmanship, transforming your space into a tribute to the past and a celebration of architectural splendor. Key Features: 1. A Glimpse into History: Immerse yourself in Savannah's Historic District North with our multi-layered wood map. The back layer, painted in serene blue, vividly represents water bodies, while the second layer meticulously engraves the district's intricate roads, allowing the waterways to shine through. The third layer highlights the highways, each one carefully cut and framed, capturing the district's connection to the world beyond. 2. Premium Baltic Birch Plywood: Crafted from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood, our map elegantly showcases the district's historical streets and landmarks. The exquisite wood grains provide a timeless backdrop for the artistry of Savannah's past. 3. Hand-Painted and Stained: Each layer is thoughtfully hand-painted and stained to encapsulate the district's rich heritage. The colors capture the essence of Savannah's historic architecture, delivering a visual masterpiece that resonates with history enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike. 4. Personalized Sizes: Choose between 8x10 and 11x14 sizes to perfectly fit your space. Whether displayed prominently or nestled in a cozy nook, our wood map becomes a captivating conversation piece that transports you to Savannah's bygone eras. 5. Framing Options: Enhance the elegance of your map with a black shadowbox frame, or opt for an unframed version that lets the artistry speak for itself. Immerse Yourself in Savannah's Heritage: Our 3-layer wood laser map of Historic District North is a testament to the district's rich history and architectural grandeur. Perfect for adorning your home or office, this unique piece is also a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the beauty of the past. Explore the charm of Savannah's Historic District North through the meticulous craftsmanship of our 3-layer wood laser map. Let history come alive on your walls with this extraordinary piece of art.